Be Uniquely You

My mission is to offer our clients the best portrait photography experience, to create artwork and lasting memories for our clients that are timeless, story infused with a natural and cinematic approach. Amber is a experience-driven customer service oriented photographer, providing high quality images with professional education, artistry and tools to create. I like to say we help by being that window into our lives or hearts even dreams sometimes. Our clients enjoy a variety of options for investments, YOU VALUE!

What I love most about Photography is getting to be with my clients and families and bringing the moments you cherish and capture or create together. You will see I love a variety of ways of photographing, the options are endless and thats what I love about the craft. I love storytelling family sessions capturing every day moments and love but also I also enjoy creating the bold and unique photographs with a cinematic approach and feel to bring us beyond and into our hearts, dreams and the magic of what a photograph can do to represent so many facets of this crazy thing we call life. I also enjoy photographing nature and beauty that surrounds us and in us all. I am hear to help my clients feel comfortable and enjoy the beauty in everyone!

As a photographer I am a light seeker, light is the key to emotion also the color of light and shape all matter to evoke emotion and not just any photo but a timeless photo, where we see your eyes, expression, action and bring your love story to life! We provide natural light photography as much as possible when it is in our favor and artificial lighting to create a window thats soft and beautiful or dynamic and add pop and life to your images! I do not solely rely on natural light as that sets us apart in experience, what I do rely on is what is the best light, best options for the must have shots and creative shots! WE FIND THE LIGHT OR CREATE IT!

Hello, I am Amber.

I love my family, exploring and finding new experiences, my pups and coffee! Oh and a good movie! I'm a open spirit and love getting to know people. I truly never, know what to share about myself but, if you have questions ask away! When I am not with my family you may find me at a coffee shop working away or reading, outdoors or at community events creating memories. I also love to be home and hunker down with a good book, movie or games with my family.

My love for photography has grown over the years, I remember always being the person to remind people to take a photo or taking the photos myself. I would use my grandmothers film camera and shoot photos as much as I could or even use disposable cameras with friends! Boy, do I remember that anticipation of getting film back!!! Oh how the digital age as changed that!

However, what the digital age hasn't changed is how we manipulate a scene. By the way we choose posing and guiding you throughout, find great lighting for those natural moments or creating it for a dynamic scene, bringing out authentic expression, creative composition and bring your service or product to life for your business. Combined with being a service and skill-driven photographer I can help capture this crazy thing called life. Let's get to know each other and create! I enjoy getting to know all of my clients in all the facets of life.

I provide in studio, in home or on location shoots! Set up a consultation or request info to create! Lets chat!

""You don't take a photograph, you make it"

—Ansel Adams